Maze of Games Calculator

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Enter the desired quantity of each item. Be sure to choose the appropriate pledge level for limited-quantity items, marked with * below.

Note that all books include a PDF, which is different from the solvable ebook version. All physical books (hardcover, Gatekeeper's Edition) include a Mazefinder Bookmark.

Gatekeeper's Edition* (signed, includes map), $125 / $175
Signed hardcover, $65
Hardcover, $50
Ebook, $20 ($15 with any physical book)
Triptych prints*, $55 / $85 / $105
Only available with Gatekeeper's Edition or signed hardcover.
Map (in addition to any included with Gatekeeper's Edition), $10
Pencils, $30
Music from the Maze of Games digital soundtrack, $15
Personal thank-you video*, $50
Seminar on puzzle and game creation*, $100
Outside the US
$0Books and add-ons

* Limited quantity item. Be sure to choose the appropriate pledge level.